Lego City first RWC champions

01/10/2013 08:04
Lego City have become the first ever Rugby World cup Champions at the newly redevoloped Stripes Stadium, winning 14 to 10. Osborne and Mcaw starred for Lego City both scoring a try in front of 153 people,who thorougly enjoyed sitting on the portable seats on the running track. However, the game...

Rugby WC scores and results

30/09/2013 14:06
Group A LC v ND 9-8 Lc v OP 12-13 ND v OP 13-7 Group B S v WCO 10-12 WCO v S 6-11 S v So 16-10 Final LC v S      

Rugby pictures

07/09/2013 09:25

Rugby World Cup coming Soon....

24/07/2013 15:44
Rugby 5s World Cup coming soon... from Lego City tournament begins in October