Weekly wrap up- LPLS Round 6

31/10/2013 17:06


Stanly V West County 1-1

Northern Victory V Southern Strikers 2-2

Lego Land V FC Northern 2-1 

Northvale United V Lego City 0-1 

LegoLand win thriller 

Legoland have defeated Fc Northern in thrilling circumstances in front of a bumper crowd at Lego land Stadium .

The match was probably the best all season, with brilliant patches of play and allround chances. The first half was typical of this, with many chances but not a single goal .This was because the two keepers standing at either end (Richards from United and Sinclair from Northern)withdrew any shots at goal swiftly with perfect judgement.The defence from both sides was good as well,with Pratt of Legoland rebounding and defending like he was a veteran , not a first season rookie.

That all changed however  in the second half, with Cairns scoring the first goal of the night to give Northern a one nil lead.

It was not for long though with Parkinson replying to make it one all at the 20th minute. But the real excitement was still to come.

With minutes to go Tavar somehow slid past the keeper to score the winner, sending Lego Land to the finals once again. Mass celebrations followed, with Tavar and Co. celebrating with there loyal fans.