Weekly Wrap Up-LPLS Round 4

27/10/2013 12:24

FC Northern v West County 6-0

Southern v Lego City 2-2

Northvale United v Stanly 0-0

Northern Victory v Legoland 0-2

United Fans "Dissapointed" After Stanly draw

Northvale United fans have been seen licking there wounds after drawing with low ranked Stanly at there home, Puma Park.

United missed numerous easy chances, including some in the dying seconds of the match, thanks to the above par defence from Sam Terry and Graham Ginn, who helped stop numerous chances and goalkeeper Cartwright. Mookbridge and Russell both dominated via the mid field for Stanly to, mesmerising the young Northvale midfield. However everything wasn't doom and Gloom for United, with Clarke playing his usual best up front along with fellow striker Penton.

Stanly players were particulary ecstatic with the result.

"I think we did a really good job avenging from last week" Captain and star keeper Cartwright said post match.