Weekly Wrap up LPLS Round 2

11/10/2013 17:35


Northvale United 3 West County 1

Lego City 2 Lego Land 2

FC Northern 1 Northern Victory 0

Southern Strikers 1 Stanly 1

Lego Land almost rooted by Citysiders

Lego Land have survived a late scare from Lego City to draw at the Stripes Stadium in front of a record crowd.

It was a game of mixed momentum, with both sides having there patches of play but it was Lego Land who opened the scoring first with Emmett scoring a brilliant goal over his head to give his side a one nil advantage, as was the score at halftime.

It was a sense of Deja vu for Lego Land, as they held there lead up until the 26th minute mark of the match, with Lego City import player Moores scoring from a freekick to level the scores.

They added another won two minutes later with Williamson and Root combining with the old one two to give Lego City the lead for the first time.

But it all came down to the dying seconds of stoppage time, with Lego Land Midfielder Alec delivering a beautiful header to Lego Land's Parkinson to heder the ball into the goals ,exorcising his previous weeks demons after he scored an own goal to level the scores deep into stoppage time last week.

Lego Land continued there aggresive style of Play, with Pratt and Tavar(Who almost got a red) being both issued with Yellow cards.