Weekly wrap up- LPLS round 1

04/10/2013 09:29



West County v Lego Land 1-1

Northern Victory  v Northvale United 1-0

Stanly v Lego City 2-4

Southern v Fc Northern 2-1

West County V Lego Land

By Kirk Whately

The LPLS got off to a brilliant start, with Lego Land drawing with West County in thrilling circumstances at a packed West County Stadium.

The match got off to a slow defensive start, with many easy chances being missed by members of both teams.It took until the 12th minute of the first half for former Madrid Minotaur Tavar to score from a swift freekick from Parkinson, sparking mass celebrations with his teammates and the corner flag.

Many chances past for unlucky West County, with comeback king Hiddeink hitting the post twice and,deep into stoppage time the score was still one nil Lego land. Enter defender Kemp, who's beautiful corner drifted over the top of 2012 player of the year Percy Taylor's head, only to be butted by Lego Land's Parkinson into West County's goal. The crowd of 163 went crazy, with the Referee blowing his whistle to end the first game of the 2013 LPLS.

Lego Land fans were seen outside the stadium cursing ferociously at Percy Taylor and Co.It was still sinking in that they would have to travel yet again to the fortress of Lego City , TTTV Arena in a huge Derby match.

The fans weren't the only ones upset, with 3 yellow cards being given out by referee O.Range for basic bad tackles and bad behaviour.

more to come....