Trade News

05/10/2013 09:05



It is reported that Lego City midfielder Waugh has been offerred a three year deal valued at 700,000 dollars a season from the Lego Land Lions.

Waugh, who has been homesick throughout his three years at the Crocodiles told his manager yesterday he would like to move on after winning a premiership the two years ago.

Lego Land have yet to negotiate wheter they will trade a draft pick or trade speedy midfielder Newman, who has been hit hard by injury in his time at Lego Land Stadium.

More spring cleaning is happening on the Lions list, with Matt Martin being asked to move on for a top draft pick or defender after just one season.

In other moves Stanly captain Mcdonald has accepted a move to new franchise Highbury Stallions for 1.5 million dollars, in which they will trade there first pick of the draft.

"I want to be apart of this team. It has performed well in the 2nd division and i want to help it blossom into a competitive LFA team" He said Yesterday.

Other players that have been negotiated with other clubs are Jake Simpson of the Crocodiles, with the Stallions from Highbury and big spending Lions offering lengthy contracts and Marcus Gray has been seen talking to the Northern Demons and Highbury Stallions

more to come.....