Tension builds up before election

01/01/2014 09:34



By Rove, our street reporter

Minifigs in Robertson are still making there minds up for who should be the next leader. Yes, the election is coming fast,and at the completion of the Robertson Games, the waiting will be over. This election will be between the BRIK and BLOC parties basically, with Govenor Stanly having held a term at office.( two years) As we all know, he will be up against powerful fig Mr Brick who has kicked up a storm recently about some of Stanly's policies.

The minifigs of the Robertson world have a divided view of who they want to lead our great country, with people on the street having lots to say about such an interesting topic

"I'm just focusing on the Robertson Games at the moment" said one man in the city centre yesterday.

"Isn't everyone sick of brick?" One lady said also.

So who knows who will win that election, with the ballots being held at the Stripes Stadium and the City Square, but we will soon have a fair idea who will become the leader of the Republic of Robertson.