29/07/2013 15:42

Olympic Park V Spencers Town

4:25 pm is the toss Toss won by : Olympic Park : bat

first ball 4:45


Spencers Town : Smith (C) ,Lucas , Lockyear, Evans , Croft , O'connor   

Olympic Park : Symons (C) ,Rawlings,Gibbs,Breakeridge,Nadel,Price

                                                                                                     Symons hits a cut shot against Tates Town

Spencers Town

4/136 15 overs Thats it Game over ! straight to the fielder at point and Olympic park have won!

Score card

                                 How out                    total

Smith          Caught Nadel Bowled Symons   30

Lucas          Bowled Price                           50

Lockyear     runout price                              36

Evans         Not out                                    12

Oconnor     Caught Price Bowled Nadel         2

Croft           Not Out                                     2


Man of the match : Price Olympic Park



Olympic Park 4/89  12 overs

Dangerman is out ! Symons out for 15. Caught Evans bowled Evans and the crowd is going nuts

Rawlings has made his 50. Well played so far hopefully for Olympic Park he can go on to make a big score and get them a chance to win the Final and auto matically qualify for next years tornament

Evans Has 3 wickets for Spencers Town and all of a sudden Olympic Park in trouble.

Gone again Lucas takes another catch Olympic Park are in a struggle

WOW price has struck 3 Sixes out of the ground this over and all of a sudden they are 4/131

End of innings 4/138 of their 15 overs

                Howout                            Score

Symons  Caught and Bowled Evans    15

Rawlings  Caught Lucas Bowled Croft  58

Gibbs     Caught Lucas Bowled Croft    9

Nadel      Caught lucas bowled Evans  4

Breakerage Not out                           24

Price          Not out                           28


innings starts at 5:40 for Spencers Town innings