Rockton political writer says Stanly has done nothing wrong

02/12/2013 06:53





A Political writer from The Rockton Times has said that Prime Minister Stanly has done "Nothing wrong" and Mr Brick should stop making fussy lies.

In his article, the writer who writes by the name "Anonymous" points out that Stanly has never banned white minifigs from playing sport,with the example being Tates Town allrounder Alex Banks, who is a white cricketer in the LCCL and on the verge of Lego City selection.

"I have never been discrimminated" Says Banks.

The writer also states that Policeman in Robertson have the right to suspend people and reprimand them from doing anything wrong.

" Every weekend, beer cans and abuse are hurled at them. They have a right to enforce the law. Minifigs in Robertson need to be happy with what they have got. Stanly is trying to protect us. That's why he has put Policemen back on the streets in the major cities on Friday night."