Robston people go to polls

16/04/2014 07:29

Due to a delay of lost votes the people of Robston still are not sure who will lead their nation. Boxes seem to have taken the blame as pictures where realeased of votes falling out. Yesterday at Mr Brick's press conference in Rockton he outrageously said that making the boxes Unsturdey was a tactic to rig the election. "The people of Robertson deserve a democratic election ", he said to a strong crowd of public and the media yesterday . Mean while back in her native state of Lego land Julie Robert who came so close last election to being voted into parliament also spoke to the press . "From all of us at the blue party we are very annoyed at the blok, you should not trust someone or their party to lead the nation if they are going to do this to you the people of Robertson ". earlier today prime minister Stirling spoke at government house. "All  this scandal is absolutely bananas , All of this was a complete accident that I had nothing to do with.

well what do the people of Robston think , we will find out soon.......