Red Beret Police Authority announce most wanted

03/12/2013 07:16

                              Bankston, pictured next to Marco, begins "work" on one of Mr Brick's election posters

This is the Top 10 criminals in Robertson

10- Bankston- Bankston is the most famous Robertson graffiti "artist". He is produced his art on many of the most famous buildings in Robertson, such as the Tower, Fort Highbury and the West County Bridge.

9- Green Gang- The Green Gang is one of the biggest drug dealing clans in Robertson. They were the group who offered West County striker Hiddeink an assortment of drugs.

8- Marco and Parco- The infamous duo have been known for there productive Weapon Trading and drug dealing. They have been in business with both EL Pirato and the Aleey Boys for almost 5 years.

7-Skinja Ninja- The Maroon pants wearing Ninja and bank robber has robbed thousands from The Bank Of Northern and City Bank. He is believed to be linked with hackers and plans every robbery skilfully.

6- El Pirato Clan- The Pirates are usually seen hanging around the beach looking for trouble.They are the drug suppliers to most of the Lego City gangs.

5- Alley Boys- Often reffered to as the Local Mafia, the Alley Boys wear black clothing and are known for the productive weapon trading.

4- Bad Guyz- Formed by Darth Vader, the Bad Guyz have been in business for a long,long time. Some of there well known clients are the Joker and the Penguin.

3- Bikies- The Bikies are known to roar around the city streets after dark, where the deal drugs and weapons.

2- James Mann- Possibly the best known bank robber in Robertson, Mann has spent time in Lego City's harshest prison- THE BUCKET. Recently he and other inmates have escaped. He is currently on the run.

1- Gabe Mental- The son of former crimminal underworld leader Al Mental who was killed in a motor bike accident, Gabe has taken over his father's position. He is known for his sudden mood swings.