Northvale and Sharks draw

02/09/2013 08:08

The Stanly Sharks have scored their first points of the season in a draw yesterday at Puma Park.The loss puts the northvale Cat's season in jeopardy with a do or die clash against the Lego City Crocodiles at home.The Sharks were excellent in the first half against their sluggish opponents from Northvale and lead by 13 points at half time.Northvale kept plugging away and midway through the final quarter had an 8 point lead.The Sharks then went down into their 25 metre arc and kicked 2 points in a row.The margin was 1 goal.A miss kick from the Cat's Full Back gave Sharks veteran Mconnell a chance to snap the winning goal from the pocket under immense pressure slotted it through giving the Sharks a draw.

Final Score

Cats 83

Sharks 83