LFL Level series

28/01/2014 13:54

The LFL has evened up the 3 game series against rivals the LFA. The LFA went in to the game becoming the first team from Robertson to travel to another nation.They came into the match coming of a thrilling victory in august with Simpson soccering through the winner in the dieing stages of the Match.The LFL lead for most of the match but never got the margin out of hand and at the beginning of the 3rd Quarter had a game high lead of 20 points until the LFA kicked 3 quick goals before the quarter ended.The Final term was a tight affair with both sides taking the lead twice.The LFA had hit the front for the first time all day when substitute Lego City Ruckman Anderson steared through a major to put the Robertson boys infront for the first time since the first quarter.The lead then changed 3 more times with Joel leason of the LFL stearing through a goal seconds before the siren to get the LFL up by 9 points in the end.

At the TTTV Arena fans came from everywhere to watch the match on a big screen. Three arrests were made in a crowd of 100 strong.

Final Score

LFA 8.8 56 Best : Anderson

LFL 9.11 65 Best : Leeson