LFA round 1

23/07/2013 17:00


West Freo Cowboys 9.11.65

Lego Land lions       9.6.60

Best:Lynch ( WFC) 5 goals

the game was a rough encounter a low scoring affair. 3 reports were made by Umpire Connors who was appauled by the players attitude .

Lego City Crocidiles 8.8.56

Stanly Sharks         7.12 .54

best : Anderson 28 Disposals 32 hitouts

Infront of a big home crowd at the TTTV arena the crocs put on a show just managing to eclipse their rivals stanly. If it had't of been for the Sharks lowsy kicking at goal they would have lost the match.

Demons 84

Cats 49

Best Simpson 7 goals

The Cats dominated the first half but again kicked inaccurately causing the demons to gain momentum in the second half keeping the hapless cats down to just 13 points in the second half including keeping them scoreless in the 3rd term