LFA Awards night is almost here

09/09/2013 08:06

The Glitz,Glamour and swank of the LFA Awards night is set to go off, with the prestigous Robertson Medal count to be held in the new dining room at the LFA's headquarters, TTTV Arena.

Simpson, who is the favourite for the award has kept it low key, saying there are many other players who can win the award, including teammate Clarkson.

"Clarko has had a brilliant year and  i wouldn't be suprised if he won for the second time" The goal kicking prodigy said yesterday.

Other awards to be held tonight are the presentation of the Rising Star, Mark of the Year, Goal Of  the Year, best coach, Team of the year and the goalkicking trophies.

Favourites for the night's main event areThe Shark's Mcdonald, Lego City's Knights and West Freo's Matt Tedio.

Performing for the well dressed guests will be Spacemen and Townspeople, who have a large cult following. The performance will be to promote there Tour, which kicks off at the Spencer's Bridge Stadium.

Proceedings will begin at 7pm LCT, with the red carpet being rolled out at 6 30.