LFA Announce Summer Football proposal

12/09/2013 07:44

The LFA are in deep discussion with Lego City Stadium rights owners about a proposal to include a summer football league with 6 franchises and import players from the LFL. The LFA, who released a statement this morning , claimed that "The Summer Game" would lift participation rates and steer youngsters away from the traditional summer games, Cricket, Soccer and Athletics. Collins also claimed that the tournament would introduce a new market for fans with short attention spans, with the games to be contested over two halves. The Only problem with this tournament, however is the lack of Venues, with most of them booked for Summer time.

" If we want a Summer tournament, it is a dillema we must face." Collins said infront of a packed Media confrence at The LFA.

"More details will be finalised soon, such as teams and timeslot" He added.

"It is most likely that the tournament will be played under artificial lights".


More to come......