Lego Land win first game of the season by a point

17/08/2013 08:10

The Lego Land Lions have won their first game of 2013 by just 1 point against the lowly Stanly Sharks who during the week sacked their coach.The match was played in the Lego Land Sunshine at West Lego Land Oval the reason being because of the West Lego Land football side's bid to become the 7th LFA team for 2014.The match was tight all day with the Sharks holding the upper hand for most of the game leading by 16 points late in the Final term until Lego Land did what other sides had done to them on numerous occasions coming back to win the game by 1 point.It wasn't all good for Lego Land when midfielder Newman went down with what seemed to be a broken leg in the goal square just before Quarter time.It is expected to be his last game for the season or his last game for the club after during the week announced he wanted to be traded.The Lego Land captain Smith who is set to be the first LFA player to play 100 games in 2 weeks time was best on ground booting 4 goals for his side .

Final Score

Lego Land 11.10 . 76     Goals: Smith 4, Johnson 3,Davies 2, Lockyear 2                            

Stanly Sharks 10.15 .75  Goals:Thompson 4,Mcdonald 3,Mconnell 2,Jonas 1,

Best : Smith (1)