Lego City first RWC champions

01/10/2013 08:04

Lego City have become the first ever Rugby World cup Champions at the newly redevoloped Stripes Stadium, winning 14 to 10.

Osborne and Mcaw starred for Lego City both scoring a try in front of 153 people,who thorougly enjoyed sitting on the portable seats on the running track.

However, the game was not without controversy, with Stanly playing the first 20 seconds with 6 men and the alleged "Try" that Umpire Nuffin paid after it was clear that Lamb had passed forward to Mcaw in the rigt corner to score.

Final score

Lego City 14

(Osborne 2/3,Mcaw,Osborne,Robertson 1 try)

Stanly 6

(Tana 1/1,Tana 1 try)