Injury troubles for Cats as stallions win away from home

10/07/2014 09:50

The Northvale Cats have lost to the Highbury Stallions by 26 points at puma park . The Stallions lead at quarter time thanks to two late goals from Jacob Mcdonald and fellow onballer baker. The match was still evenly poisef at half time until Lucas the Cats premier backman went down with a hand injury. Inexperienced  foward Tim Towers was thrown down back to try and fill the hole made by Lucas.Unfortunately for the Cats the replacement was not quite enough to stiostop rampaging Stallions forward who added another 5 goals to his tally in the second half. The Stallions were lead by another B.O.G performance by Ruckman Sheridan who dominated the Ruck against his experienced opponent in  Marcus Gray.The Stallions opened the game up in the final term to extend their winning margin out to 26 points in the end.The Stallions could have been bigger winners if they had have kicked straighter at goal .

Final Scores

Cats 50  Goals: Scott 3, Steel 2, Gray 1, Lucas 1 

Stallions 76 Goals : Simpson 6, Baker 3, Mcdonald 1