Hiddeink returns to Soccer after drug saga

01/10/2013 08:34

By Kirk Whately, WCO corrospondent

West County striker Hiddeink has returned to LPLS soccer with fire in his belly according to star teammate Percy Taylor, who replaced Hiddeink after the much critiscised LADA suspended him from play for one year after he asked to be injected with nasty plastic injections.

The Spencers Town Hospital says that the after effects of using this drug is over confidence and a much stronger Torso peice, which is the main reason why the LADA bannned him from any sport last October.

From all reports from West County United, Hiddeink has come back a more team minded individual.

"He was the messiah. He would star in games and wouldn't train to hard.The ladies were snapping around him.He was the pin up boy.He would go and get us some Maccas after a win and he was easily the most paid player in the league,but that's all changed now" A teammate of Hiddeink said, who wanted to remain anonymous.

We will all find out soon whether Hiddeink is the LPLS's star striker again in West County's first match of the season against Lego land next week.