Grand Final Rematch Demons V Cats

01/05/2014 07:03

From the outset all football fans new it was going to be a classic match , they had been waiting for this the Derby Grand Final rematch at the Northern Oval wher over 200 people crammed in to watch a brilliant game of football.  The Cats started well and looked as if they were going to run away with the game , the demons midfielder kept missing targets and executing sloppy kicks often resulting in goals for the opposition , But the they flicked the switch. The Demons Mids led by captain Clarkson helped the Demons claw their way back into the match. (also stopping dangerous Cats Midfielder/Forward Tim Scott the Captain who was dominating the game before )therefore breaking the margin down from 19 points to level pegging late in the match . The lead changed several times late with a few conterversial incidents occuring including an all in Brawl and a high bump from Demons Star player Simpson earning him a huge two week suspension. The Demons were behind by 5 points with the clock ticking down when an unlikely hero occured . The Demons Full Back Matthew Lake who has not kicked many goals in his  year at LFA level balked a few players and ran in and therrefore kicked the winner sparking huge celebration in the stands from the Over joyed Demons fans who had finally had their revenge from last season Grand Final loss.

Final Scores

Demons 9.9 63 Goals : Simpson 4, Lake 2, Clarkson 2 , Ryan 1

Cats 9.8 Goals: Scott 5 , Towers 2 , Peters 1, Steel 1

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Courtesy of the LFA website