Find out more about Robertson

10/11/2013 12:07

Robertson is a medium sized Island nation with an unknown population. It is known to have sports crazy people and hooligans, especially in the city. Due to its medium police force, terrorists have been known to rampage through the major cities. Significant places in Robertson are Southern, Stanly, West County, Northern, Northvale, Highbury ( Only known due to there progression to the top tier of LFA Football), Lego Land( Long time rivals of Lego City) and of course, Lego City.


Sports play a significant role in the culture of Robertson. The most popular are AFL, Soccer, Cricket, Hockey and Basketball. Stadiums are regulary constructed and repaired for the evergrowing fans, with the most famous being the TTTV Arena and Stripes Stadium in Lego City. Hundreds of people swarm to sports grounds every year to watch sports matches and are entertained by the skills and thrills of there chosen sport.


The current Prime Minister is Governor Stanly, who defeated rival entrepeneur Mr Brick at the polls last year. The head of parliament of Robertson is in Lego City. Politics is the second most debated thing in the country. The next election is in January.


The major tourist attractions in Robertson are

The Great Lake ( Lego Land)

Lego Land Stadium ( Lego Land)

The Tower ( Lego City)

Ferris Wheel ( Lego City)

Stadiums ( All)

Spencers Bridge ( Lego City)

West County Bridge

Castleton Towers ( Castleton)

Sharks Bay ( Stanly)

Fort Highbury ( Highbury)

Northvale/ Northern churches

Olympia City

Minister Bay