Finals Fever hits Lego City

19/09/2013 12:57

Finals Fever has hit Lego City, with Citizens and supporters of Northvale and The Demons packing the streets to watch the two teams be paraded to and from the City.

This is the first of many events being held to celebrate the LFA Finals series, including a media confrence which was also held on Wednesday.

"We are very pleased with the reaction of the public, and our Tv ratings have zoomed up this season. It has been a great season" Andrew Collins said yesterday.

And Mr Collins does have a right to be excited. The attendances at LFA games have boosted by almost 15% this season alone, with last week's Semi Final and the match at Spencers Bridge Stadium recording the largest crowds, and the LFA can expect another big crowd for Saturday's Grand Final played at the Northern Stadium.

"The fact the Lego City Times website has opened has lifted the publicity of the league enormously. We now have supporters in Davidium and Riley Lego City and have spreaded the LFA game alot this season." Collins said later.