Demons pip Crocs at the Post

19/08/2013 07:22

At the First LFA match in Spencers Town the Demons clung on to top spot beating the Lego City crocidiles by a goal.The Match was close all day in front of a bumper crowd at Spencers Town. Both sides had chances to run out with an easy win the biggest lead of the match being 24 points to the Crocidiles.Again Simpson was prominant early for the Demons kicking 5 goals to Half time but later faded out of the game kicking just 1 more after half time.The match winner for the Demons was star ruckman mckay who kicked the winner with just seconds to spare.

Final Score

Lego City 12.17.89   Goals:Connors 4,Knights 2,Anderson 2, Waugh 4

Demons 14.11.95     Goals:Simpson 6,Clarkson 3,Mckay 1,Ryan 4

Best :Ryan (Demons)

attendance : 146 at Spencers Bridge Stadium