Crocs and Cats play out extra time

15/09/2013 07:07

The Northvale Cats have qualified for the 2013 LFA Grand Final in extra time at the TTTV Arena lat night. Last week both sides played out a close match with the Crocs getting home by 1 point .  At the end of normal playing time both sides were even at 54 each . To split the teams apart they played two 3 minute quarters. The Cats lead at half time of extra time by 4 points thanks to some innacurate kicking from the Crocs and continued to do so hitting the post 2 times in the second half. With 10 seconds to go the ball was deep inside the Crocs forward pocket with them down by 1 point.The Cats were able to save the game with a quick kick out of the pack to ensure they made the Grand Final.

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