Crocodiles V Demons

01/05/2014 07:08

At the TTTV Arena the conditions were appauling for a game of Football with intence rain falling down throughout the wet hard slog in the rain with the Crocodiles defeating the Northern Demons infront of a modest crowd . The Northern Demons Reserves Full Forward Simons was asked to join the top league for his first game and therefore was quite nervous booting 4.6 in his debut . The Crocodiles midfield was brilliant again lead by skipper Knights booting 4.3 between them giving the crocodiles superb drive into their forward line wher Star Forward Jordan Connnors again dominated precedings booting another bag of 5 for his team. The Demons wher lead by their skipper Clarkso who booted 3 goals and was the best for his side .

Final Score

Crocodiles 9.9.63 Goals: Connors 5 , Knights 2 , Newman 2

Demons 7.10. 52 Goals: Simons 4 , Clarkson 3

Courtesy of the LFA website