Cowboys V Demons

27/07/2013 09:35

It started off infront of a small crowd at the demons home ground with a wet and slippery ground the cowboys won the toss and kicked with the breeze.from the start of the match it was an even contest with the cowboys leading by a goal at quarter time. Then the rain came with the Demons managing 1.2 for the quarter thanks to a goal by Simpson, his second for the game with 30 seconds to go to give them a lead at half time over the cowboys who scored 0.5 for the Quarter.The Demons won the 3rd quarter keeping the cowboys goal less until the last minute of play.More rain came but the Cowboys surged to a 11 point lead thanks to some more great goals from Tedio .Simpson then got his side back in the match booting 2 quick goals and Clarkson 1 all of a sudden the Demons were in front by 8 points with 1 minute to go but Matthew Tedio Cowboys skipper would not give up kicking an amazing goal from the foward pocket.30 seconds to go and the Cowboys won the clearance from Frazers good work he charged through and kicked a point.Now 21 seconds left and a Demons kick in but a terrible kick from the full Back Sam Lake kicked it straight to the Cowboys ruckman bourke who kicked it long to the goal squre were it was a  rushed behind.6 seconds a long kick in straight to the Demons but the siren beet them.It was a Draw, the first of the season putting the cowboys third on the ladder by percentage and the Demons second with 1 game to play in round 2.

Best Tedio 4 goals

Cowboys 60

Demons 60