Cats win 2 in a row despite controversial umpiring

04/08/2013 07:47

The Northvale Cats got their second win a row against top of the table Lego City.The match was controversial from start to finish with 30 seconds gone in the match an all in brawl started between Smith Lego City defender and Northvale Captain Scott.This did not phase either side with both sides having 5 shots each with Lego City 2.3.15 and Northvale 5.0.30.Northvale kept their accuracy up kicking 2 more goals in the second quarter leading the crocidiles 46-23.

Lego City came back in the second half getting to 15 points late in the 3rd quarter until an interchange infringement from Lego City player Andrews giving away a free kick and a 25 metre penalty luckily for the Crocs the kick from Pike of Northvale hit the post.

Lego City kept on coming getting closer until Northvale kicked 2 goals and had some umpiring decsions going their way Northvale kicked away to a 4 goal lead and gifted the Crocidiles with a second interchange infringment from Northvale giving the Crocs and easy goal .The Crocs got 1 more but couldn't win the match .Steel won Best on ground with 3 goals for the Cats.

Final Score

Lego City 59    goals: Connors 5 ,Anderson 1 , Waugh 1 , Smith 1

Northvale 69    goals : Scott 4, Steel 4,Gray 1,Pike 1, Lucas 1