Brick wins election

17/04/2014 11:34

The people of Robertson have spoken and elected a new leader. Yes people Mr Brick has won a long and painful election. Brick recovered key seats in Lego city , Lego Land ,Stanly and south stanly to allow him to gain majority and therefore be elected into house. The votes were finally finished being counted last night and Mr Brick had his victory  speech . It is an honour to be elected into this great countries parliament and I will do my best to make this country a better place for all Robertson citizens ",he said in front of a packed crowd in iconic square just outside the government house .Brick said his first job was going to get rid of all the violence in Robertson and also even out the money given to  sports . "The last government has given to much money to sport and tourism , we will even out that stuff and focus on creating jobs", he said . It will be interesting to see the changes in Robertson in a months time.

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