All you need to know about the Robertson Games

24/12/2013 12:53

The Robertson Games are set to begin once more. But this year it's a bit different. Because this year ,YOU the stunned mullet who sits on the couch all day and watches reality TV, will actually know some decent stats to impress your mates at the pub, unlike from previous years were you forgot where the games were being held.. This the dummies guide to the Robertson Games.

Cricket Super 5 stuff

Player to watch- Nathan Simmons( LL) The explosive Lego Land opener will be out again to play some exciting Cricket. He is the only man to score two Supa 15 centuries and expect him to be a HUGE part of Lego land's chase for that elusive Gold Medal.

Team to watch- Stanly. The World's number one team is back again, this time stepping on to the Lego City Shores with a full strength side. They have a well balanced team which includes Bell, Mcdonald and Taylor. This trio will be a big part of  Stanly's quest for gold.

Dark Horse- West County. Recently defeated Stanly and Lego Land. Have just been promoted to Tests and should surprise.

Mixed Soccer

Team to watch- Lego City. The boys team has just won the LPLS, while the womens team finished third in their competion, missing the final by one goal. Enough said.

Dark Horse- Athletico. Athletians love their soccer, and put their team underpressure to perform. They have a well balanced team and could surprise most.

Rugby 5's

Team to watch- Lego City. They have all the stars. Recently defeated Stanly at the RWC, and should challenge for the gold medal.

Dark horse- Lego Land. They narrowly missed playing at the RWC. Expect them wanting revenge against their rivals Northern.


team to watch- Lego Land. They have the best breeding ground for young field hockey talent with the lucrative Lego Land Premiership. Are the current world champions.

Dark Horse- Golden Palace. Won the Champions Trophy in Gerald last year and could be in contention.


Team to watch- Lego Land- Have a number of gifted athletes in there team

Athlete to watch- Lewis(Lego City). A well known sprinter, Lewis could take out victory in front of his home crowd if his torso injuries are kept under control.

Dark Horse- Vulle. They have some extremly talented athletes in the stables. They should have numerous podium finishes in the different athletic disciplines, especially in the marathon.