Northvale Cats

The Cats,with their big fan base and rowdy supporters are one of the biggest clubs in Robertson.Playing at their home ground Puma Park is considered 'a nightmare' by opposition fans who have travelled to the venue.The Cats have been a

succesful team in their 5 years with plenty of wins and two Grand Final appearances as well, winning the 2013 flag over Northern.They also are an entertaining side and hold the record for the highest LFA score of 289 and the record for lowest score against 2.7.19.They are sponsored by footwear giants Puma.

Home Ground:Puma Park (300 seats)

Manager: Bob Clyde

Coach : Frank Teadsdale

Captain : Tim Scott

Premierships: 1,2013


#  team list

3 Philip Peters :Mid

4 Marcus Gray: Ruck

5 Jay Steel: Mid

7 Jed Pike: Mid

9 James Lucas:Back

15 Tim Scott :Forward (C)

18 Tim Towers :Forward

20 Christian Giles :Midfield

23 Mitchell Cunnington :Midfield

25 Nigel Harper: Ruck

27 Lewis Reid :Forward

30 Kye Clark :mid

32 Phil Hatter : forward

37 Josh Brown Back