Lego City Crocodiles

The Crocodiles are the most succesful LFA team with 4 premierships under their belt (see below) in the competitions 5 years of existence.They also have a big fan base a 400 seat stadium and wonderful facilities.As expected the Crocodiles are a much hated side and most opposition fans would cherrish a win against the Crocodiles.The Crocs and their arch rivals the Lego Land Lions and play out brilliant matches and draw huge crowds to them. They are the highest drawing team in the LFA.

Home Ground :TTTV Arena (400 seats)            

Manager :Bill Holder

Part Owner : Chris Catcher

Premierships :4, 2009,2010,2011,2012

Coach: Andy Cook

Captain:James Knights


4 Jordan Connors : Forward

5 James Knights : midfielder (C)

6 Matthew Anderson : Ruckman

8 Hayden Smith : backman

10 Kirk Andrews : Backman

11 Daniel Newman : midfielder

12 Tim Berely       : Midfielder

14 Rowan Bell : Ruckman

16 Russell Rogers :Backman

22 Dylan Hunter : forward

25 Connor Beasley :forward

28 Josh Maloney : midfield

29 Ben Ponster:Ruck

32 Mick Davis:midfield