Highbury Stallions FC

The Highbury Stallions are the LFA's sixth side for the 2014 season with the West Freo Cowboys not competing. The Stallions won the Division 2 Grand Final by 5 goals to earn themselves a position in the top flight. Highbury will announce their 2014 team list soon along with one brand new marquee signing.

Manager Ken Michagen

Coach Brent Lyons

Stadium : Telecom Park (200)


1 Jacob Mcdonald Mid (C)

2 Jake Simpson Forward

3 Greg Thames Back

6 Ryan Sheridan ruck

9 Sam Beckett Mid

11 Tom Baker Back

12 Brayden Ribush Forward

13 Jake Widdon Back

15 Lucas Hardley Forward

17 Mason Kent Midfield

19 Ben Martin Back

22 Chris White Ruck

28 David Goddard Back

35 Reece Waters Forward