Each team will have 3 picks each.Picks can be traded for players.

The West Freo Cowboys will not be involved in the Draft as they will not be competing next season

Highbury Stallions =  1st pick

5th = 2nd pick

4th = 3rd pick

3rd = 4th pick

2nd = 5th pick

1st = 6th pick

Draft Date


Northvale Cats: 6,7,18

Demons: 8,17

Crocs : 9,10,12,16

Lions : 3,4,5,15

Sharks :1, 2,11,14

Stallions : 13

2014 LFA Draft


1.Pat Ravlich (Mid) Sharks

2.Kirk Fields (Ruck) Sharks

3. Brad Connelly (mid) Lions

4.Matt Bradcroft (Back) Lions

5.Dom Bourke    (Mid) Lions

6.Kye Clark     (mid)  Cats

7.Philip Hatter  (Forward) Cats

8.Liam Ker     (Ruck)  Demons

9.Connor Beasley (forward) Crocs

10.Josh Maloney (Mid) Crocs

11.Ron Hurst     (back) Sharks

12. Ben Ponster (Ruck) Crocs

13. Greg Thames (Back) Stallions

14. Clark Reynolds (Forward) Sharks

15. Brett Thornlie   ( Back) Lions

16. Mick Davis   (Mid) Crocs

17. Nic Kennedy (Forward) Demons

18.Josh Brown   (Back) Cats