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Will Mr Brick succeed as prime minister ?

Yes (48)

No (10)

Total votes: 58



Rockton political writer says Stanly has done nothing wrong

02/12/2013 06:53
        A Political writer from The Rockton Times has said that Prime Minister...

Fatal car crash in Northern kills 5

02/12/2013 06:39
  The man responsible for the crash A car crash on the Great Northern Highway has resulted in...

Feud confirmed between Stanly and Brick

01/12/2013 13:29

Stanly angry after Brick bashing

01/12/2013 13:04
Govenor Stanly has refused to answer any questions after he was booed when presenting the LPLS Cup...

Riots continue in nations capital

01/12/2013 12:46
Riots and protests have escalated in City Square today, with almost 100 people chanting and...

Stanly a racist says Brick

30/11/2013 10:16
Once again Lego City media mogul and politician Mr Brick is stirring up some controversy, today...

Lego City Open Tennis

20/10/2013 11:54

Hiddeink returns to Soccer after drug saga

01/10/2013 08:34
By Kirk Whately, WCO corrospondent West County striker Hiddeink has returned to LPLS soccer with...

Stanly set to take on Lego City in RWC final

30/09/2013 14:09
By Greg Hat The RWC final's last game is being played between a fired up Lego City side, who are...

National games name change

10/09/2013 15:50
The National Sports commitee has decided on a change of name for their up and coming athletics and...
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