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Will Mr Brick succeed as prime minister ?

Yes (48)

No (10)

Total votes: 58



Breaking News !!! two teams bid to join LFA

21/10/2014 17:44
Today former LFA division one clubs the Southern Bulldogs and West County Hawks put in their bid to...

Brick wins election

17/04/2014 11:34
The people of Robertson have spoken and elected a new leader. Yes people Mr Brick has won a long...

Is Political Spin taking the shine of sports??

16/04/2014 10:50
  small crowds at the stripes stadium are making the people worried Recently,the main...

election pictures

16/04/2014 08:13

Robston people go to polls

16/04/2014 07:29
Due to a delay of lost votes the people of Robston still are not sure who will lead their nation....

Tension builds up before election

01/01/2014 09:34
    By Rove, our street reporter Minifigs in Robertson are still making there minds up...

Arena gets a make over

05/12/2013 16:10
pictures during the build  

Riots begin to dry up

03/12/2013 07:37
  Left Mr Brick announces his election intentions on the Spencers Bridge: Right Mr Brick...

Red Beret Police Authority announce most wanted

03/12/2013 07:16

Will Lego City be competing in the 2014 Minifig Gold Cup ?

02/12/2013 07:12
Minifig Gold Cup Qualifiers AC Warbirds Aeros Daquila 1996 Legoland FC Legoland...
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